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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

Posted by:gyrum.
Time:1:10 am.
Mood: sleepy.
Guys, can we play next saturday? I need confirmations. It would be a night game, probably starting only 9PM. What do you guys say?
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Sunday, February 15th, 2004

Subject:Saturday, February the 15th, 2004.
Posted by:gyrum.
Time:5:27 am.
Mood: content.
Game picked up where the last one left. Cain, Nathan, Bill and Hell Lotus had just killed the werewolf. blackdahlya couldn't come, so I took over her character. The team left for the city, eager to take the werewolf's tooth back to the insane White Mage. Hell Lotus walked away from the group, probably to search for Cold Blood, the traitor.

The White Mage didn't snap out of his madness, but he did sign the letter they needed. The group left, and managed to acquire the stable boy. They took him to the blacksmith, who, after some persuasion, took the newly free man into tutelage, saying that he would allow him to marry his daughter if he was good enough. He told Cain where the Scout's Guild (the older thieves' guild) was.

The group found only a regular house where the guild was supposed to be and almost left. Cain, however, noticed a dagger attached to the fake "mother's" leg, and a fight broke out. Bill was disarmed, and Cain soon killed the first thief. They entered the house, where they were ambushed. After a gruesome fight against the hidden assassins, (Bill almost died and Cain spent most of the fight blind) they emerged victorious. They found stairs that led to a secret basement, but decided to check out the second floor before venturing down.

They found a magic circle there in a open space. Only Cain could see its true nature: it was a portal to another plane. Nathan foolishly entered it, and was taken away. The gate was then closed, separating the group. Cain and Bill found themselves suddenly in a normal room, with a sleeping person on a bed. The magic that sustained the "ritual room" upstairs was gone. After a brief fight, the guild's leader arrived in the room. He explained that the city always functioned with the Scout's Guild, and asked the pair to kill the other guild's leader. They accepted. He told them that the Blade's Edge would be attacked that night, and that the attackers would probably know the Cold Blood's hiding place.

Meanwhile, Nathan found himself in a vast desert. A beautiful, naked girl was the only other living being there. She walked away, and he followed. They reached a temple, where he entered. It was clearly magical. He met three challenges, and had to sacrifice his equipment, while he met negative aspects of his personality, each represented by a person that changed his life. (guilt as Cibele, arrogance as Arvam and doubt as Cain. Each guarded by a different god: Siren, Leviathan and Shiva.) As he triumphed over each, he got closer to whatever waited inside.

In the regular world, Cain and Bill protected the Blade's Edge, capturing a ninja alive. After extracting their base's location from him, they went to the graveyard, where it was located, to kill Cold Blood. Hell Lotus joined them again before entering the Assassin's Guild base. After killing some guards, they managed to face the traitor ninja leader. A difficult fight ensued, but they emerged victorious, thanks to a coordinated attack.

Nathan met the final guardian: himself. He was asked to sacrifice something important to him. After some thought, he blinded himself, carrying his eyes in his hand as he entered the final challenge. He met Bahamut inside, and tried to fight it. He was defeated, but his determination seemed enough to satisfy the god. He was allowed to proceed. He tripped on a sword carved in a rock. After rubbing his eyeballs there, he freed the blade and found himself back on the Scout's Guild. He discovered that he no longer had eyes, but could see while his new blade was close to his body.

Hell Lotus left with Cold Blood's blade to prove his death to her clan, while Bill and Cain went to the Scout's Guild to collect their reward. They found Nathan there, and were shocked to see him without even eye sockets. Nathan tied a strip of cloth around his head to spare the world from his condition, and it didn't seem to hinder his strange new vision.

They went back to their inn, after receiving a Thief's Glove from the guild leader as a reward for their job. Nathan allowed Cain to examine the blade that he acquired with so much sacrifice, and Cain discovered that the words "gods' final gift to men" was etched on the dull blade.

So. The plot thickens.
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Thursday, January 15th, 2004

Posted by:vael.
Time:8:15 pm.
Cain nasceu no setor do Cristal do Fogo, vivendo a sua infância nesse local, seus pais não acreditavam muito em magia, pelo menos não acreditavam que a magia podia ser manipulada por pessoas sem o auxilio das maquinas, mas Cain sempre pensou diferente, ele percebia uma ligação entre a luz do seu quarto com a sua pessoa, não sabia explicar ao certo essa ligação, mas sabia que existia algo.

Depois de algum tempo na sua juventude ele resolveu pesquisar mais sobre a magia em si, ficou estudando a historia do seu mundo para ver o papel que a magia teve com o passar do tempo. Cain então também começou a pesquisar sobre as pessoas que usavam magia nos dias atuais, como ela era feita, se é que ela acontecia. Mas essa sua busca não era bem vista em sua família, uma vez que eles não achavam que isso tinha um propósito, não tinha o porque questionar essas coisas.

Então Cain resolveu fugir de casa, deixando um bilhete para os seus pais explicando o porque da sua saída, ele se dirigiu para o setor do Cristal da Água, onde no meio das suas pesquisas ele conheceu o grupo de oposição as maquinas e manipuladores de magia, e foi convidado a entrar nele pelo Terhun. Vendo que essa era uma boa chance para ter sua realização pessoal ele ingressou no grupo de resistência.

Bom, é mais ou menos isso...se precisar eu dou uma incrementada, mas da para saber a idéia geral da historia dele.
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Posted by:gyrum.
Time:6:50 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
Guys, you would make me very happy if each of you posted your character's background here. That includes you, dalaggio. Make it an individual post for each, so we can comment on each character.
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Monday, January 12th, 2004

Subject:Saturday, January the 10th, 2004.
Posted by:gyrum.
Time:10:11 pm.
Mood: content.
Cain, the Black Mage played by vael and Nathan, his Source, played by yuzohonda, arrived on the outskirts of the city of Waterdevian, the Capital of the Kingdom of Water. There, they found that something was scaring the farmers and dropped Lianne, their wounded companion, who was now recovered but suffering from severe trauma, in the White Magic Academy. Nemi, their other companion, settled herself in the Watch Inn, close to the local graveyard. There, the innkeeper complained of the comings and goings of strange people in the graveyard. Cain visited the Magic Academy (which taught all other kinds of magic) but found out that his own knowledge was extensive enough. They wandered around the city for a bit, and end up getting in a fight with a pair of ninja who were trying to rob an old man. They defeated their opponents, and an angry dwarf Fighter, Bill, played by dgraminho, arrived in the scene, demanding to know what happened to the King of Earth. The old man was, however, unconcious.

Cain and Nathan were taken to the castle, and the King of Water thanked them for their help when the King of Earth woke up and told his story. He also asked Cain, Nathan and Bill to end the guild war that was happening in his city. A new guild of thieves was estabilished, and began to wage open war against the tradional one. Hell Lotus, a half-elf female Mystic Ninja played by blackdahlya, stepped out of the shadows and offered her help. Her own mission was to kill the leader of the new guild, who was a traitor of her clan.

The group went to the Scept of the King Inn, the closest, and found out that the place was robbed a few days before. The only clue was a dagger forged by the best blacksmith in the town, owner of the Blade's Edge. They went there, and the old man agreed to help, if the group managed to convince a slave stable boy from the Mountain Chocobo Inn to stop going out with his daughter, who was now locked away in her room to prevent her from meeting the boy. The group went to the said inn, only find out that the inkeeper, owner of the stable boy, wasn't letting him see anyone. Cain managed to bargain with the inkeeper to allow them to talk to the boy, but only if they managed to get two letters of recommendation from prominient local White Mages, so that his son could study magic. They accepted.

Hell Lotus left the group in the Mountain Chocobo, and wandered a bit on her own, only to end up finding some unusual tracks at the entrance of a crypt in the graveyard. She hid herself and waited to see who would come out.

The rest of the group went to talk to the first White Mage. He said that he would only give them the letter if they brought an apprentice for him. Nathan managed to convince Nemi to study with the Mage, and they got the first letter.

The second White Mage was a mentally disturbed werewolf hunter that was trying to save the population of the outskirts from one such beast. The group was unable to communicate with him, and decided that bringing proof of the death of the werewolf could snap the man out of his madness.

Meanwhile, Hell Lotus saw a pair of men walk out of the crypt, but when she went to investigate how the crypt could be opened, she lost track of her quarry. She met up with Cain, Bill and Nathan as they were leaving the city, and they went to hunt werewolves. Bill used his tracking skills to find the cave where the werewolf made his lair, and they waited at the entrance. The beast came home alone, (he seemed to roam the land accompanied by a pack of wild wolves.) and they fought. The group managed to kill the werewolf, and Cain collected one of his teeth to prove his death.

The game was interrupted at this point, as it was already morning and we needed sleep desperately.

The next session should finish this adventure and finally bring the hook for the main plot of the campaign.

So. Comments, anyone?
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Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Subject:Saturday, December the 20th, 2003.
Posted by:gyrum.
Time:9:48 am.
Mood: amused.
Cain, the Black Mage, played by vael and Nathan, the Fighter, (with a Dark Sword that costs Cain HP) played by yuzohonda.

The pair woke up in a grassy field. After gaping at it for a bit, they took in their surroundings. Mountains loomed the West, a cliff leading to the sea was by East, South there was a forest and a road led from the forest towards the North, with a small trail going to the cliff. They picked up Lianne, who was unconcious with them, and started walking.

They headed towards the sea, and heard a scream. A girl, about fourteen years old and dressed like a peasant , (which confused them; they had not realized they were in the past yet) was being attacked. Cain drew his gun and shot. The assailants ran away, and Cain and Nathan noticed that there was a dead man with the girl. Crying, she told them it was her father. Nathan picked up the girl's dead father, and they followed her to her villace, Alean. Once there, her mother received them at the entrance. She was sad by what happened, but seemed strangely resigned. A guard appeared, but no one told him what happened. When Cain started to, he was told to be quiet.

Cain and Nathan were taken to the White Mage, Abel, who performed Cure in both of them and Lianne, who was still unconcious. When they asked where Abel's Source was, the told them he didn't know what that was. That fascinated Cain, who saw a chance of doing magic without inflicting pain in Nathan.

They went to the girl's house, and found out that she was called Nemi. They stayed there the night, and, after washing up, Nathan went to help Nemi with the chores while Cain managed to find out from Nemi's mother what was happening: the local Lord, Lefter, had two sons: one of them, the heir, was called Ciliv, and liked to use men from the village for sport and girls for his pleasure. No-one did nothing because they were afraid of losing the lord's protection.

Nemi hinted that she knew that something would be done about it. Nemi's mother informed her daughter that she would leave with Cain and Nathan, and that they would drop her in Waterdevian, the King's city, for her to try to be a Mage or, if she failed, to learn the ways of Alchemy. Nemi reacted very badly to it and when she went to sleep, Cain overheard her sneaking out of the house. He followed her, leaving behind a drunk Nathan entertaining Nemi's mother. He followed Nemi towards the graveyard, and found out that she was sleeping with Lord Lefter's other son: Aleph.

Aleph, Nemi and couple of other boys formed a so called resistance, and had an absurd plan to assassinate Lord Lefter and Ciliv. The plans were being remade to be hastied, when Cain showed himself to them, and accepted Aleph's proposal to be the one to kill the two nobles. They would be paid in gold, and mounts would be provided for them to continue their journey.

When Cain and Nathan were leaving, Aleph challenged Nathan to a sword duel, trying to test his skill. He was soundly defeated, which seemed to impress Nemi a lot. Cain, Nathan and Aleph left to Lord Lefter's manor. They were, however, expected, and Aleph was captured while Cain and Nathan waited for his signal to enter the house. They burst in, and attacked when Ciliv cut off one of his brother's fingers. After an easy fight, the Black Mage and the Fighter were given their promissed mounts and money, and headed with Aleph towards the town. Aleph needed the White Mage's attention.

When they got there, they collected Lianne (who was stille unconcious) and bid farewell to the new lord. Nemi, however, jumped on the spare chocobo (the one that Aleph used to ride to the city) and left with the two heroes, vowing to follow Nathan where he went.

That was it. It was more of a filler adventure, of the two guys from the future starting to adapt themselves to the reality of the past. Also, blackdahlya was supposed to start gaming with us this weekend, but couldn't show up. Next game, hopefully, she'll be there and we'll start the heavier plot.

Come on, guys, post your thoughts and comments on what happened so far.
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Monday, December 15th, 2003

Subject:Quick Note
Posted by:gyrum.
Time:5:40 pm.
Players, you are allowed to post here.

Future players, (meaning dalaggio currently) you are also allowed to post here.
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Subject:Sunday, December the 15th, 2003.
Posted by:gyrum.
Time:12:56 pm.
First game. We're using Returner's Final Fantasy RPG system, second edition.

vael and yuzohonda prepared their characters, Cain and Nathan, respectively.

It was a dark and dying world, Aurium. A world where magic was used as the one source to power machines built by a race of Visitors that arrived many centuries before. No one could use it anymore, and the planet itself was suffering from the lack of it. The sky was darkening, becoming covered by a coat of dark clouds that seemed to be related to the lack of magic in the air.

The Four Crystals, source of all magic, were contained, encased in machinery that drew from them their powers and transmitted to each machine in the world. There are no batteries, no fuel.

In this black world, Nathan and Cain woke up. They're part of the Mysticism, a resistance formed when mages realized that their powers were being slowly drained away. They performed many rituals that linked each of their members to a warrior, thus using him or her as a source of power. In the beginning, a mere disconfort came to these Sources, as they only had to give away enough of their lives to complete what lacked in the ambient. However, as time passed, more and more vitality was necessary, until they became the only source for every spell cast.

Nathan, a Human Fighter, is Cain's, a Human Black Mage, Source.

They are called by Terhun and Arvam, a Red Mage and his source, leaders of their resistance cell, to participate in a mission that could free magic in at least a quarter of the planet. They would make the Water Crystal unstable, and it would destroy all machines connected to it. After that, magic would be free in their area.

Along with Cibele and Lianne, a White Mage and her Source, they ambushed a transport that was delivering tools to make a routine check on the Crystal's machinery. Cibele used a Mini to shrink Nathan, Cain, Lianne and herself, and they were hidden among the tools. Terhun and Arvam poised as the deliverers, and were successful in getting them to entrance of the energy-producing facility, the Aqua Magic Company headquarters. Meanwhile, all the other cells where generating enought chaos to make their invasion pass unnoticed. They would also secure the borders of the "free magic" after the operation was completed.

There, a battle was fought, and the groups managed to enter the building. Arvam and Terhun volunteered to stay back and guard the door, while Nathan, Cain, Cibele and Lianne invaded.

They fought their way into the heart of the building, and Cibele and Lianne were left behind, Cibele mortally wounded and Lianne unconcious. Nathan and Cain faced more guards, and, finally, a security robot that guarded the entrance to the Crystal's chamber.

After a vicious fight, they entered, only to discover that they were tricked.

Arvam and Terhun were inside, having betrayed their comrades to the enemy. They gave away the plan, and all cells were killed in the fight. The last remaining members of the Mysticism were Cain and Nathan. In exchange, Terhun was granted an implant that allowed him to use magic freely.

Desperate and outnumbered, Cain tried to cast a Fire spell on the Crystal, hoping to make it unstable and to destroy all machines close to him. He failed, his magic bouncing harmlessly out of the protective bubble around the Crystal. They were ready to face their fate, when a shot cracked the bubble. It was Lianne, who was barely alive. With a flaw in the protection, Cain cast another Fire spell, and, this time, it worked.

They were all surrounded by a bright light, and disappeared.

When Cain and Nathan woke up, they were in a grassy field, with a clear blue sky above them. Lianne was still lying unconcious a few step behind them. Magic was free in the air. It was the past.
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Sunday, December 14th, 2003

Subject:And So It Begins
Posted by:gyrum.
Time:11:17 am.
Mood: excited.
We will be posting thoughts, stories, character bios, status and everything else about our RPG game, Final Fantasy: Retrospicere here. Currently, the game has two players active and one pending. We will need at least one more, and we already have someone in mind. It's a pen and paper game, so we won't bem pbem-ing.

I think that's all.
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