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Saturday, January the 10th, 2004.

Cain, the Black Mage played by vael and Nathan, his Source, played by yuzohonda, arrived on the outskirts of the city of Waterdevian, the Capital of the Kingdom of Water. There, they found that something was scaring the farmers and dropped Lianne, their wounded companion, who was now recovered but suffering from severe trauma, in the White Magic Academy. Nemi, their other companion, settled herself in the Watch Inn, close to the local graveyard. There, the innkeeper complained of the comings and goings of strange people in the graveyard. Cain visited the Magic Academy (which taught all other kinds of magic) but found out that his own knowledge was extensive enough. They wandered around the city for a bit, and end up getting in a fight with a pair of ninja who were trying to rob an old man. They defeated their opponents, and an angry dwarf Fighter, Bill, played by dgraminho, arrived in the scene, demanding to know what happened to the King of Earth. The old man was, however, unconcious.

Cain and Nathan were taken to the castle, and the King of Water thanked them for their help when the King of Earth woke up and told his story. He also asked Cain, Nathan and Bill to end the guild war that was happening in his city. A new guild of thieves was estabilished, and began to wage open war against the tradional one. Hell Lotus, a half-elf female Mystic Ninja played by blackdahlya, stepped out of the shadows and offered her help. Her own mission was to kill the leader of the new guild, who was a traitor of her clan.

The group went to the Scept of the King Inn, the closest, and found out that the place was robbed a few days before. The only clue was a dagger forged by the best blacksmith in the town, owner of the Blade's Edge. They went there, and the old man agreed to help, if the group managed to convince a slave stable boy from the Mountain Chocobo Inn to stop going out with his daughter, who was now locked away in her room to prevent her from meeting the boy. The group went to the said inn, only find out that the inkeeper, owner of the stable boy, wasn't letting him see anyone. Cain managed to bargain with the inkeeper to allow them to talk to the boy, but only if they managed to get two letters of recommendation from prominient local White Mages, so that his son could study magic. They accepted.

Hell Lotus left the group in the Mountain Chocobo, and wandered a bit on her own, only to end up finding some unusual tracks at the entrance of a crypt in the graveyard. She hid herself and waited to see who would come out.

The rest of the group went to talk to the first White Mage. He said that he would only give them the letter if they brought an apprentice for him. Nathan managed to convince Nemi to study with the Mage, and they got the first letter.

The second White Mage was a mentally disturbed werewolf hunter that was trying to save the population of the outskirts from one such beast. The group was unable to communicate with him, and decided that bringing proof of the death of the werewolf could snap the man out of his madness.

Meanwhile, Hell Lotus saw a pair of men walk out of the crypt, but when she went to investigate how the crypt could be opened, she lost track of her quarry. She met up with Cain, Bill and Nathan as they were leaving the city, and they went to hunt werewolves. Bill used his tracking skills to find the cave where the werewolf made his lair, and they waited at the entrance. The beast came home alone, (he seemed to roam the land accompanied by a pack of wild wolves.) and they fought. The group managed to kill the werewolf, and Cain collected one of his teeth to prove his death.

The game was interrupted at this point, as it was already morning and we needed sleep desperately.

The next session should finish this adventure and finally bring the hook for the main plot of the campaign.

So. Comments, anyone?
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