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Sunday, December the 15th, 2003.

First game. We're using Returner's Final Fantasy RPG system, second edition.

vael and yuzohonda prepared their characters, Cain and Nathan, respectively.

It was a dark and dying world, Aurium. A world where magic was used as the one source to power machines built by a race of Visitors that arrived many centuries before. No one could use it anymore, and the planet itself was suffering from the lack of it. The sky was darkening, becoming covered by a coat of dark clouds that seemed to be related to the lack of magic in the air.

The Four Crystals, source of all magic, were contained, encased in machinery that drew from them their powers and transmitted to each machine in the world. There are no batteries, no fuel.

In this black world, Nathan and Cain woke up. They're part of the Mysticism, a resistance formed when mages realized that their powers were being slowly drained away. They performed many rituals that linked each of their members to a warrior, thus using him or her as a source of power. In the beginning, a mere disconfort came to these Sources, as they only had to give away enough of their lives to complete what lacked in the ambient. However, as time passed, more and more vitality was necessary, until they became the only source for every spell cast.

Nathan, a Human Fighter, is Cain's, a Human Black Mage, Source.

They are called by Terhun and Arvam, a Red Mage and his source, leaders of their resistance cell, to participate in a mission that could free magic in at least a quarter of the planet. They would make the Water Crystal unstable, and it would destroy all machines connected to it. After that, magic would be free in their area.

Along with Cibele and Lianne, a White Mage and her Source, they ambushed a transport that was delivering tools to make a routine check on the Crystal's machinery. Cibele used a Mini to shrink Nathan, Cain, Lianne and herself, and they were hidden among the tools. Terhun and Arvam poised as the deliverers, and were successful in getting them to entrance of the energy-producing facility, the Aqua Magic Company headquarters. Meanwhile, all the other cells where generating enought chaos to make their invasion pass unnoticed. They would also secure the borders of the "free magic" after the operation was completed.

There, a battle was fought, and the groups managed to enter the building. Arvam and Terhun volunteered to stay back and guard the door, while Nathan, Cain, Cibele and Lianne invaded.

They fought their way into the heart of the building, and Cibele and Lianne were left behind, Cibele mortally wounded and Lianne unconcious. Nathan and Cain faced more guards, and, finally, a security robot that guarded the entrance to the Crystal's chamber.

After a vicious fight, they entered, only to discover that they were tricked.

Arvam and Terhun were inside, having betrayed their comrades to the enemy. They gave away the plan, and all cells were killed in the fight. The last remaining members of the Mysticism were Cain and Nathan. In exchange, Terhun was granted an implant that allowed him to use magic freely.

Desperate and outnumbered, Cain tried to cast a Fire spell on the Crystal, hoping to make it unstable and to destroy all machines close to him. He failed, his magic bouncing harmlessly out of the protective bubble around the Crystal. They were ready to face their fate, when a shot cracked the bubble. It was Lianne, who was barely alive. With a flaw in the protection, Cain cast another Fire spell, and, this time, it worked.

They were all surrounded by a bright light, and disappeared.

When Cain and Nathan woke up, they were in a grassy field, with a clear blue sky above them. Lianne was still lying unconcious a few step behind them. Magic was free in the air. It was the past.
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